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$37.9M Verdict in O’Reilly 18-Wheeler Crash Case


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The attorneys at Liles White PLLC are proud of their diligent, experienced representation in personal injury and accident cases. Recently, we were able to win a $37.9M verdict for the family of a man who was killed in the Dallas County O’Reilly 18-wheeler crash in February 2015.

It is important for corporate companies such as O’Reilly Auto Parts to responsibly hire and manage safe drivers. In cases such as this one involving 18-wheeler accidents, we come one step closer to making roads safer for all drivers.

About the O’Reilly 18-Wheeler Crash

Manuel Galindo of Fredericksburg was killed when he collided with an O’Reilly Auto Parts 18-wheeler on February 28, 2015. The crash occurred on State Highway 29 after the driver of the 18 wheeler truck lost control and had blocked all lanes with his disabled trailer. Visibility was low and the roads were icy, making the stopped 18-wheeler a serious hazard to other drivers.

No reflective cones were placed to warn approaching drivers of the danger. By the time Manuel Galindo was able to see the big rig, it was too late for him to be able to stop his vehicle given the road conditions poor visibility. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

How Liles White PLLC Helped

Kevin Liles and Stuart White represented the 2 daughters of Manuel Galindo. O’Reilly Auto Parts attorneys attempted to argue Manuel Galindo was speeding and should have seen the reflective tape on the truck, but Kevin Liles and Stuart White were able to show the big rig driver and O’Reilly Auto Parts were at fault for the fatal O’Reilly 18-wheeler crash.

Safety is incredibly important when it comes to the operation of big rig vehicles. Necessary safety precautions were not exercised when the O’Reilly driver’s vehicle had stopped. We hope this case will set an example for all companies managing and hiring 18-wheeler drivers and emphasize how an unsafe big rig driver can be responsible for traumatic fatalities.

We hope the family of Manuel Galindo is able to find peace in this time, and it was our pleasure and honor to help this family seek justice and hold those responsible for the wrongful death of their family member by a hotly contested jury trial just over a year after the fatal crash.

Aggressive Representation in Your Personal Injury Case

Auto accidents, especially those involving 18-wheelers, can be serious and sometimes fatal. Liles White PLLC works for victims who have suffered loss or damage as a result of these accidents. Our personal injury attorneys have decades of experience to bring justice when negligent behavior results in a tragedy.

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