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Spinal Cord Injuries

Living with Spinal Cord Injury

SCI is one of the most devastating of traumatic events a person can suffer and requires adapting to a new condition and lifestyle. Spinal cord injuries require adjustments to accommodate for health, physical and psychological changes. After the initial denial and anger of an injury (every SCI patient will struggle with this, some longer than others), depression and a sense of being overwhelmed may occur.

Its a natural sequence of events to be unhappy regarding the injury. Persons that have a very hard time coping with this face depression. Depression is a serious medical condition that involves an imbalance of the brain chemicals and other factors. Nevertheless, depression is a medical condition that requires professional treatment.

Effects of Spinal Cord Injury

After experiencing a spinal cord injury, many patients get angry, at not only themselves for various (and unnecessary) reasons, but those loved ones around them. Some patients will find themselves in a “perpetual” denial, accepting the injury but acting as if the injury is not permanent. Some individuals take longer than others in the grieving process of their injury, and each day may bring a new adjustment to your life, but once all the different levels or types of feelings occur, a spinal cord injury will get to the point where the injury is accepted, and you will find a new meaning to your life.

The Need to Change

Spinal cord injuries do require a major adjustment to life. Once an individual accepts the injury, they can lead an active and happy life. If a long period of time elapses without a healthy adjustment to your SCI, then you should seek assistance; it is unhealthy to SCI patients to not accept their injury and move to making a healthy adjustment to their new life.

The adjustment, while supported by family and friends, must come from the individual personally. The moment you become personally motivated to accept your new life, the sooner you will make the healthy adjustment. You will need to make personal goals that are found on facts and not irrational beliefs. A spinal cord injury is traumatic, but, with the support of friends, family and physicians, approaching the new lifestyle in direct and honest manner will benefit all involved.

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