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Truck Accidents / 18 Wheeler Accidents

Failure to Maintain Truck

Poorly maintained commercial trucks are sometimes the cause of fatal 18-wheeler truck accidents. Commercial trucking companies are responsible for making sure all semi trucks are regularly and properly maintained and inspected.

Failing to maintain the cab, trailer, hydraulic brakes, or tires of a tractor-trailer rig can result in catastrophic truck accidents. The negligence can fall on the part of the trucking company, a maintenance contractor, or the truck driver. A lot of times, however, evidence of inadequate or negligent maintenance procedures can be vague and ambiguous and difficult to interpret or discern.

Our lawyers work closely with accident reconstruction and technical professionals to determine the actual cause of an 18-wheeler truck accident and identify the responsible parties. Using documents and records that trucking companies and drivers must maintain, our truck accident lawyers and industry experts painstakingly review all aspects of the case. We examine the Drivers’ Daily Vehicle Condition Report, the Drivers’ Vehicle Inspection Record, company records from the vehicle’s on-board computer, and other maintenance and operating records.

Truck Accident Lawsuits

In truck accident cases that are caused by inadequate vehicle maintenance, there are often multiple liable parties. Our Corpus Christi truck accident attorneys thoroughly review all such data to determine who is at fault and then we go to work building a strong and persuasive case for full compensation to be obtained from all parties contributing to the accident and resultant injury or death.