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Truck Accidents / 18 Wheeler Accidents

Critical Evidence in 18 Wheeler Accidents

Our Texas truck accident attorneys and investigators know that rapid response and a complete scene investigation is crucial in protecting the victims of an 18-wheeler truck accident involving catastrophic injury or wrongful death. Accident witnesses are interviewed and statements are often obtained.

Truck accident scene investigators will quickly arrive at the site and interview witnesses, including the driver, law enforcement officers, and other potential witnesses. Within hours the trucking company’s insurance company will have its own investigators on the scene. There are many reasons for this urgency. Evidence of truck accidents disappear with time – for example, a truck driver’s log books (i.e., the evidence of the driver’s routes and driving times) might be discarded or hidden to avoid or prevent investigation for liability of a crash. Truck accident witnesses become unavailable or their memories of the event begin to fade.

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Our lawyers recognize that time is critical. Our investigation begins when we first meet with a client, and we stay focused on recovering fair compensation for our client’s loss through a favorable settlement or verdict.
We understand and respect the difficulty of dealing with sudden and unexpected injuries to family and friends.

Our experienced team of Texas truck accident attorneys, investigators and staff will assist with all elements of investigation and assistance – preserving the evidence and scene, identifying and obtaining helpful medical information, and, if necessary, assisting with difficult arrangements in the case of fatal injuries. We stand ready to serve you in your time of need.