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Defective Hip Implant Litigation Nationwide

DePuy ASR Hip Implant RecallHip implant manufacturer DePuy Orthopaedics, the orthopedic division of Johnson & Johnson, has recalled its DePuy ASR hip implant system due to increasing failures and patient complaints. DePuy initially stopped selling the popular hip implant device, allegedly, because of low sales. However, in March 2010, DePuy sent a letter to doctors warning of increased failure rates in patients – either due to the implant devices not attaching to the bone, from prematurely wearing out, or from the device chipping or breaking resulting in metals slivers causing pain, swelling, and inflammation.

The ASR XL Acetabular System, launched in the US in 2004, is a metal-on-metal hip replacement system consisting of a concave metal piece designed to provide a smooth lining for the acetabulum, the bowl-shaped socket in the pelvis. Experts believe that the design of the cup’s shape has resulted in failures.

As the failure rates for this product have been increasing over the past several years, DePuy has refused to pull the profitable device from the market, instead blaming doctors or patients for the failures. New, unpublished 2010 data from the National Joint Registry (NJR) of England and Wales shows a revision rate over five years to be approximately 13% for the DePuy ASR hip implant, a significant number of failures. The high failure rates elevated the issue to one of safety, causing DePuy to finally recall all the implants.

Kevin Liles, an attorney who represents patients injured by the DePuy hip replacement, said “DePuy disregarded a number of red flags and warning signs for years that this product was dangerous and defectively designed. DePuy should have recalled this product years ago.”

Orthopedic experts believe that the design of the DePuy hip implant cup is defective and responsible for the failures. If you have a DePuy ASR hip implant, consult your doctor about the make and model of your hip. If you have a recalled hip implant and if you are suffering from the symptoms of a failed implant – pain, swelling, difficulty walking – you may be entitled to recover money damages from DePuy.

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The lawyers of Liles White have handled nationwide litigation over defective hip implants since 2001 after representing 3 ladies in getting the first jury verdict in the nation against Sulzer Orthopedics for its defective and dangerous hip implant design that was recalled nationally in December 2000. Thousands of patients had the recalled Sulzer hip implant, yet we aggressively investigated the claim, took statements of company officials and experts, and achieved a successful jury verdict against Sulzer for the consequences of the defective implant. Let the lawyers of Liles White aggressively pursue your hip implant case!*

* Each case is evaluated on a case-by-case basis on its individual merits. Liles White makes no promises or guarantees regarding a recovery on any case handled by the firm.

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