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Rollover resisitance ratingsRollover Resistance Ratings

The Rollover Resistance Rating is an estimate of the risk of a rollover if you have a single car crash. It does not predict the likelihood of that crash. The Rollover Resistance Rating basically measures a vehicles center of gravity and track width to determine how “top-heavy” the vehicle is. The more “top-heavy” the vehicle, the more likely it is to roll over. The lowest rated vehicles (1-Star) are at least four times more likely to roll over than the highest rated vehicles (5-Stars).

The Rollover Resistance Ratings of vehicles were compared to 220,000 actual single vehicle crashes, and the ratings were found to relate very closely to the real-world rollover experience of vehicles.

While the Rollover Resistance Rating does not exactly predict the risk of injury or death, keep in mind that rollovers have a higher death rate than other types of crashes. Remember: Even the highest rated vehicle can rollover, but you can reduce your chance of being killed in a rollover by about 75% just by wearing your seat belt.

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