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Vehicle Rollover Defects

Vehicle Rollover DefectsAccording to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 280,000 rollover accidents are reported each year, claiming more than 10,000 lives. Rollovers are by far the most deadly type of motor vehicle accident. Due to their high centers of gravity and narrow track widths, SUVs, minivans and trucks are particularly vulnerable to rollovers.

In some cases, serious injuries occur due to defects involving the roof of the vehicle or other critical components. Whether your injuries were caused by a design defect or a manufacturing defect, you can rely on the personal injury attorneys at Liles White PLLC to fight aggressively for the settlement or verdict you deserve.

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Crash Worthiness

Consumers should be able to expect a certain level of safety, even in a motor vehicle crash. One of the main components of “crash worthiness” for vehicles is roof strength. Properly functioning seat belts and timely inflation of air bags are another. If your injuries were caused by or made more severe due to a lack of crashworthiness, the attorneys of Liles White PLLC will seek to hold designers or manufacturers accountable.

Rollover Accident Causes

Even in vehicles that are considered to be rollover prone, rollover accidents do not just happen out of the blue. There is usually a defect that causes the vehicle to go off of the road or causes the driver to lose control. One common defect is tire defects. Other defects that can play a role in rollover accidents are broken axles, poor stability systems or other malfunctioning vehicle components.

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