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Tire Defects / Failures

Tire Blowout Accidents

Tire BlowoutsTire blowouts can result from a variety of issues. Often times they are due to the negligence of a manufacturer is often to blame. Manufacturing errors present a great danger for motorists. A tire blowout while driving can have tragic results. Such incidents can create rollover situations and multi-car collisions leading to injury and sometimes death. In such adverse events a tire manufacturer’s negligence can often be discovered leading to the introduction of a faulty product. When this occurs, you can count on tire blowout attorneys such as Kevin W. Liles to help victims receive the compensation that they are entitled to and make sure the manufacturers are held to account for mistakes which they could have prevented.

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Corpus Christi tire defects attorney Kevin W. Liles has spent years working as a personal injury attorney and tire failure litigation. He recognizes the experts that must be retained. He brings the necessary experts, resources, and dedication to resolve each case in a favorable manner in favor of you.