Who Is Liable for a Surgical Error?

Posted by Legal Team | 01/26/23 | Medical Malpractice

Having to undergo surgery is always a cause for anxiety and distress, but we trust our doctors to adhere to the highest possible standards to keep us safe and perform procedures with the utmost care. Sadly, doctors make mistakes, and surgical errors are some of the worst mistakes a doctor can make. Nearly 4,000 surgical…

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What to Do If You Have Been Hit on a Bicycle

Posted by Legal Team | 01/20/23 | Bicycle Accidents

Riding a bicycle for exercise, running small errands in your community, commuting to school or work, or simply for pleasure, is a choice that’s healthy for the body and for the environment. But the same open-air and 2-wheel design that makes cycling an exhilarating ride also leaves riders vulnerable in a collision. While helmets protect…

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