How Do Oil Rig Explosions Occur?

Posted by Legal Team | 06/28/22 | Oil Field Accident

Oil rig explosions are catastrophic events.  Oil rig workers must contend with the possibility of fire and explosion daily.  When an oil rig explosion occurs, the impact on its workers and their families is life-shattering. One wrong move on an oil rig can result in a natural disaster and human fatalities like the notorious Deepwater…

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How to Prevent Construction Site Accidents

Posted by Legal Team | 06/28/22 | Workplace Accident

Construction sites are inherently dangerous environments for both workers and bystanders.  However, the majority of construction site accidents are preventable by the creation and fostering of safe workspaces by project managers and construction employers. Our study on U.S. construction injury statistics shows how fatal construction site accidents were in 2020. The following offers suggestions on…

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