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Alcohol-impaired driving is incredibly dangerous behavior, and it is not uncommon for drunk drivers to cause severe accidents throughout New Mexico. While a drunk driver will undoubtedly face liability in these situations, it may also be the case that bartenders, servers, cashiers, or other social hosts also hold liability for a drunk driving accident. At Liles White, we are here to help if you need a New Mexico dram shop law attorney. Our team understands how to determine liability in these cases so we can secure full compensation for those injured by an impaired driver.


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How Will an Attorney Help a Dram Shop Claim?

Dram shop injury claims in New Mexico can be complicated. That is because, as we will explain in a minute, any person who sold or served alcohol to a person involved in these cases must have known that the person they served was already intoxicated or had seen that the person was likely impaired. It can be difficult to prove that this was the case.

However, an attorney can use their resources and legal expertise to build a strong case for dram shop liability. They can gather video and photo surveillance related to the incident, speak to eyewitnesses, and analyze police reports in an effort to paint a picture of what happened. An dram shop attorney will be an effective advocate when negotiating with insurance carriers and at-fault parties and will have no problem taking a case to trial, if necessary. Our experienced New Mexico car accident attorneys are knowledgeable with dram shop laws and will work to secure the best possible results for your case.

Understanding New Mexico’s Dram Shop Laws

When we turn to Section 41-11-1 of the New Mexico Statutes Annotated, we can see the state’s dram shop law. This statute allows a person who is injured due to the actions of a drunk driver to hold a licensed alcohol vendor responsible if the vendor negligently served or sold alcohol to an obviously intoxicated person.

In these cases, an alcohol vendor could include:

  • Store cashiers
  • Servers at a restaurant
  • Bartenders

In order for these parties to be held liable, state law says that the vendor must have:

  • Sold or served alcohol to an intoxicated patron AND
  • The person’s intoxication was “reasonably apparent” or the establishment already knew the person was intoxicated

Additionally, New Mexico law also allows social hosts to be held liable for the actions of their intoxicated guests in some cases. This social host liability law states that the host could be held liable if alcoholic beverages were provided “recklessly in disregard of the rights of others, including the social guest.”

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If you or somebody you love has been injured due to the actions of an alcohol-impaired driver in New Mexico, contact the team at Liles White as soon as possible. We have extensive experience handling drunk driving accident cases, and we know what it takes to determine the liability of all parties involved. This includes not only the driver but also those who may have served them alcohol. Our New Mexico drunk driving accident lawyers work to ensure that drunk driving accident victims secure the compensation they are entitled to. When you need to hold a social host liable for your injury in a drunk driving accident, contact our New Mexico dram shop law attorney for a free consultation of your case or by calling (361) 826-0100.