Comparative Negligence and Motorcycle Accident Claims

Posted by Legal Team | 03/20/23 | Motorcycle Accident

The two-wheeled structure and unenclosed design of a motorcycle make for an exhilarating ride in the open air, but unfortunately, those same features leave motorcyclists particularly vulnerable to grave injuries in an accident. In New Mexico, fault matters in an accident. While several states have no-fault insurance laws that require each accident victim to file…

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Motorcyclist Safety: Choosing a Motorcycle Helmet

Posted by Legal Team | 03/13/23 | Motorcycle Accident

Most states, including Texas, require motorcyclists to wear a helmet that meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Other states, such as New Mexico only require motorcyclists under the age of 18 to wear a helmet. Regardless of legal requirements, the CDC widely recommends that all motorcyclists wear helmets to protect themselves from brain injuries in…

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