Common Causes of Oil Field Injuries

Posted by Legal Team | 09/23/22 | Oil Field Accident, Personal Injury

While working on an oil field can be lucrative, it can also be quite dangerous. For this reason, there are many regulations on oil field work. Unfortunately, greedy companies often prioritize profits over the safety of workers, placing them in positions that cause catastrophic or fatal injuries. A leading cause of oil field injuries is negligence. If you were hurt in an oil field accident, let our team of New Mexico personal injury attorneys help with your injury claim. We have more than 20 years of litigation experience handling complex personal injury and accident cases throughout New Mexico and have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of our deserving clients. The team at Liles White PLLC is here to help in the aftermath of a catastrophic oil field accident. Contact us today for a free case review with an attorney at our firm. 

Inadequate Safety Procedures

A common cause of serious injuries occurring on oil fields is when safety procedures are not adequately followed. Disastrous results can occur when oil rig companies fail to implement necessary safety procedures or fail to ensure their employees follow such procedures. These procedures are intended to keep everyone on the oil field safe, and innocent victims can be hurt or killed without them. 

Negligent Shutdown Procedures 

One example of an inadequate safety procedures is when oil rig companies fail to shut down the operation when poor equipment readings or industry regulations dictate shutting it down. Shutdown procedures exist to protect all employees if the situation is dangerous. When oil field operators do not shut down the operation when necessary, people are often hurt. 

Ignoring Safety Regulations 

Because of the lucrative nature of the oil industry, oil exploration companies, oil field service providers, and drilling companies often get in a hurry to extract oil and sell it as quickly as possible. This greed can motivate companies to prioritize profit over safety. Industry regulations are in place to protect the safety of everyone on site. 

If you or a loved one has suffered from a workplace accident due to a company that has ignored safety regulations, you deserve full accountability. Let the team of experienced New Mexico workplace accident attorneys at Liles White PLLC help you obtain compensation.

Worker Fatigue Related Injuries

Working in an oil field can be exhausting work that demands many hours of workers’ time. It is not uncommon for oil field workers to spend 12 or more hours working every work day. When workers are tired, they are more likely to make serious mistakes that can result in an explosion, fire, or other serious accident.  

Injuries Caused By Inexperienced Oil Field Workers

Another potential problem that can result in serious injuries on an oil field is inexperienced workers. These workers may be unaware of safety procedures and regulations. They may not know how to safely operate equipment, machinery, or tools. Inexperienced workers can pose a danger to others on site. If the oil exploration or drilling company hires unqualified workers, they may be responsible for any resulting accidents.

Defective Equipment Causing Oil Field Accidents

In other situations, oil workers and companies may be appropriately cautious and follow all relevant standards. However, defective oil field equipment may still put workers at risk. In these situations the manufacturers of defective equipment may be to blame for resulting accidents. In the case of serious fatal accidents caused by defective equipment, get legal representation from a New Mexico wrongful death attorney to seek compensation.

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