Product Liability, Serious Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Accidents happen, but they shouldn’t

A significant personal injury or the death of a loved one, because of a defective product or a reckless auto accident, can be devastating emotionally, physically and financially. Our attorneys specialize in injury and wrongful death cases, helping clients find answers and receive compensation as they adjust to life after the accident.

Product Liability

Manufacturers and retailers have a responsibility to provide safe products to consumers and, when applicable, warn of potentials risks. Unfortunately, flawed design, poor manufacturing practices and a general focus on the bottom line instead of end-users can result in dangerous and defective products, ultimately causing injury or death for users.


Defective Industrial Machinery:

Working closely with industrial machinery places workers at a higher risk of injury than most other occupations. The design, production, installation and maintenance of industrial machinery are all subject to safety regulations intended to protect operators and workers. Failure to abide by these regulations can cause catastrophic injuries such as burns or loss of limbs to operators and other workers. Equipment manufacturers, owners, maintainers, inspectors, and employers may be held liable for workers’ injuries if they are a result of poor design or improper maintenance.

Defective Household Products:

Everyday items in your home can cause serious injury or death if the design or construction of the product was flawed or if the instructions or warnings on the label are wrong or incomplete. Manufacturers must ensure their products are safe, and if there are any risks, the appropriate warning labels should be included. Failure to provide safe products with adequate warning of potential risks leaves manufacturers liable for any injury caused by the product(s). For example, common defective household products include electrical appliances like microwaves and toasters, personal grooming products like hairdryers and furniture like baby cribs.


Drivers in SUVs, minivans and trucks often feel they are more secure in a larger vehicle. However, that isn’t always true. These vehicles have a higher center of gravity and are therefore more likely to be unstable when there is a quick change of direction. Poor weather, a high rate of speed or poor road conditions all contribute to rollover accidents.

Vehicle safety equipment should be available to protect vehicle occupants in foreseeable rollover collisions, including anti-skid control, airbags (front and side curtain), seatbelts with appropriate mounting, seatbacks with sufficient strength and roofs of sufficient strength and design. The designs of these products, and many others, should keep occupants safe, and when they don’t, the injuries in such crashes are often severe, if not fatal. We have experience and success holding vehicle manufacturers responsible for unsafe products.

Tire Defects/Failures:

While vehicle owners are responsible for maintaining their tires, manufactures may be held liable for selling faulty tires made with defective materials or a flawed design. Tire failures can manifest in a variety of ways including tread separations, also called detreads – where the tread peels away from the tire like a banana peel. If you or a loved one are involved in a wreck with suspected tire failure, it is critical to hire an attorney knowledgeable of these issues so that all of the necessary evidence is collected from the scene immediately and preserved.

General Claims

Serious Personal Injury:

When a loved one suffers a catastrophic injury, the consequences often change the lives of the injured and their families forever. In addition to the physical injuries and limitations that follow, the unexpected nature of such life-changing conditions can result in psychological difficulties including depression and anxiety about how to deal with the change. We have years of experience assisting clients whose lives have been forever changed by the carelessness of others and helping those clients find answers about medical treatment, counseling and adjusting to changed circumstances.

Wrongful Death:

The death of a loved one can be agonizing. It’s even worse if the death was caused by the recklessness of another, whether that’s an accident because of unsafe driving, poor planning at work or mismanaged safety issues. If your loved one died under circumstances that you believe were caused by the reckless or unsafe conduct of another, call us for a free consultation.

Financial compensation can’t bring back a lost loved one or undo injuries, but it can help with medical expenses or lost wages. A lawsuit can help ease the hardships caused by an accident and discourage other drivers from carelessly disregarding the safety of other drivers and pedestrians.

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