Texas and New Mexico Truck Driver Error Attorney

Driving around large commercial trucks can be a scary experience, particularly when considering the size and weight of these vehicles. Collisions involving large trucks often result in severe injuries for those involved. At Liles White, we are here to help if you need a Texas truck driver error attorney. Our team has extensive experience handling complex injury cases, and we regularly investigate claims involving driver errors such as impaired driving, distracted driving, fatigued driving, and more. Let us help you secure full compensation for your losses today.

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  • At Liles White, you are turning to a team that has more than two decades of litigation experience handling complex injury claims in Texas, New Mexico, and throughout the U.S.
  • We have a track record of success and have secured hundreds of millions of dollars for clients involved in cases against individuals and corporations.
  • We take Texas and New Mexico truck driver accident cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that our clients will not have to pay any legal fees until after we obtain the compensation they need.

How Will an Attorney Help a Truck Driver Error Case?

Any person injured due to an accident involving a large commercial truck needs to have an attorney by their side. A skilled truck accident lawyer in Texas and New Mexico can use their resources to fully investigate the incident, which can include gathering various types of evidence that are hard to obtain:

  • The truck driver’s electronic logging device (ELD)
  • The truck’s electronic control module (ECM)
  • Any photo or video surveillance related to the incident
  • Statements from eyewitnesses
  • The truck driver’s employment records
  • The truck driver’s driving safety record

Additionally, an attorney will handle negotiations with aggressive insurance carriers and at-fault parties involved in the case, and they will be fully prepared to take the claim to trial, if necessary.

What Kinds of Truck Driver Errors Occur in Texas and New Mexico?

Data provided by the National Safety Council shows us that there were more than 5,000 large trucks involved in fatal collisions and approximately 118,000 large trucks involved in injury collisions during the latest reporting year across the U.S. Many of these collisions were caused by errors made by the truck drivers. Some of the most common truck driver errors that lead to large truck collisions include the following:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Driver alcohol or drug use
  • Driver distraction due to phones or other devices
  • Speeding
  • Following vehicles too closely
  • Failing to adjust to poor weather conditions
  • Allowing the truck to be overloaded
  • Failing to check blind spots

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If you or somebody you love has been injured in an accident caused by a truck driver error in Texas or New Mexico, turn to the team at Liles White as soon as possible. Our attorneys have extensive experience investigating every aspect of these claims, and we understand what it takes to stand up to aggressive insurance carriers and ensure that our clients receive full compensation. We will not back down until we secure the compensation you need to get through this. When you need a Texas or New Mexico truck driver error attorney, you can contact us for a free consultation of your case or call (361) 826-0100.