How Do Oil Rig Explosions Occur?

Posted by Legal Team | 06/28/22 | Oil Field Accident

Oil rig explosions are catastrophic events.  Oil rig workers must contend with the possibility of fire and explosion daily.  When an oil rig explosion occurs, the impact on its workers and their families is life-shattering.

One wrong move on an oil rig can result in a natural disaster and human fatalities like the notorious Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico.  Oil rig workers who survive explosions are often left with catastrophic injuries.  

Catastrophic injuries are lifelong injuries and include:

There are both on-shore and off-shore oil rigs.  These oil rigs are equally dangerous and ignite for similar reasons.  

Off-Shore Oil Rig Explosions

Off-shore oil drilling platforms are storage facilities for flammable gas or oil until the rig returns to shore.  Once an explosion is triggered on an off-shore drilling platform, there is a virtually endless supply of fuel to keep a fire burning.

Off-shore oil rig explosions, like on-shore oil rig explosions, may be caused by a blowout, equipment failure, a storm, or some type of negligence.

Blowouts and Oil Rig Explosions

A blowout is an uncontrolled release of oil from a well.  Oil rigs have systems in place to balance pressure and prevent blowouts.  However, if blowout equipment is poorly maintained or fails altogether, an explosion can occur.

Equipment Failure and Oil Rig Explosions

To work, equipment must be maintained and used correctly.  Oil rig workers must be trained on equipment use and safety hazards.  

When equipment fails, it may produce a spark and cause an explosion or worsen the impact of an explosion.

Storms and Oil Rig Explosions

Lightning, high winds, and downpours can all cause wear on and damage to oil rig equipment.  A lightning strike alone could lead to a fire or explosion.

Negligence and Oil Rig Explosions

When employers and workers fail to follow safety protocols and standards, preventable accidents occur.  

The victims of these accidents may hold other workers, their employers, or even equipment manufacturers at fault for failing to abide by regulatory guidelines.

Negligent actions that lead to oil rig explosions and fires may include:

  • Cutting, welding, and grinding in a hazardous area or by an untrained worker;
  • The use of inappropriate, unapproved, or poorly maintained electrical devices;
  • The intentional act of a person; or
  • An unintentional small fire in another area like the kitchen or a crew office.

Regardless of the cause of an oil rig explosion, it is wise to seek help from a New Mexico legal professional immediately to file a claim.

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